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Title: Brother Mine
Word Count: almost 200
Characters: Faramir (Boromir in passing)
Pairings: none
Summery: Faramir relfects

Faramir lay staring at the stars restless as an ill wind flitted through the caverns around him. He closed his eyes and wished for sleep. It did not come. He turned onto his side and one questing hand brushed against the cold form that lay next to him. The horn of Gondor lay broken, to sound no more. Faramir blinked, withdrawing his hand before setting it back to the same spot, wishing that there would be no horn, only an empty space to prove that this long day had been some sort of horrible dream. He turned away from the shattered horn. He could not face this. His brother, his secret keeper and hero, knight in tarnished armor, was dead, given to the river. Faramir bit his lower lip, he could scarce understand this horrible twist of fate. The favored son of Gondor was dead, and he survived. It ripped a hole through him. There was no one now, no one to carry the childhood secrets. Faramir drew a deep breath, a single tear escaped, and one calloused hand reached tentatively back to the shattered horn.

"Be at peace… brother mine…" He whispered.

Title: Be at peace
Word Count: 193
Characters: Boromir
Pairings: none
Summery: What happens after you die? Sequal to Brother mine.

There was pain, so much pain, and anger at having failed. They had taken the little ones. No amounts of honor or passion could change that. Even the light in Aragorns eyes could not wipe that one thing away. Each breath was a struggle and the words came slowly, dragged from his chest with love.
Then for one long moment there was nothing. Boromir felt his eyes close and in that moment all the pain went away. He could feel nothing and then he was surrounded by a golden glow. When he opened his eyes, he was standing in a forest glade, alone. Of his king and his companions there was no sign.

"My king?" Boromir asked, voice hushed, sorrowful. "My brother?" There was no answer, Boromir shook as the harshness of what had happened returned. "Please..." He cried, falling to his knees. "Forgive me. I never meant to hurt you..." Boromir, warrior of Gondor cried there, surrounded the sounds of his own tears. Finally he fell silent, trembling with fear and shame. Long he stayed motionless but for his trembling until finally a voice he knew whispered on the wind.

"Be at peace.. brother mine.."

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