A newbie's (first) drabble

Mae govannen, everyone! I just discovered this community, and as I write drabbles occasionally, I thought I'd join.

I wrote this in March--it was my first drabble and my first slashy fic of any sort, though not my first LotR fic. It was done on a challenge which gave pairing, fandom, and a line that had to be included. I looked at the pairing and line, realized they were essentially incompatible, and produced 500 words of hit satire.

The title is that of a Scots folksong; it makes a bit more sense if you read the ballad, which can be found here with fairly sane spelling and here in arcane Scots dialect. With either version, substitute "blow, blow..." etc for "ba, ba, ba, lilli ba" .

Blow, Blow, Blow Ye Winds Blow
Author: Lia Ex Machina
Pairing: Faramir/Legolas
Line: "And when we part, we shall not see each other, save in our dreams."
Word Count: 500 on the dot.

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Title: A Small Contention
Author: quentelin
Pairing: SB or OB, VM
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This isn't true.
Summary: Boy would Sean like to know ...



Sean finally cornered Orlando in the makeup trailer, one contact in and one out. Huge bloody contacts.

"I know you spend a fair bit of time riding together nowadays. Do you reckon Viggo's … you know. Screwing anyone?"

"I wouldn't be the one to ask," said Orlando, eyes blinking and watering.

"Why not?"

Orlando cocked his head and squinted up at Sean. "I'm after him too, you know."

Sean looked the elf up and down, took in unlined flesh and slender flexibility. And then he snorted.


"You're too callow for the likes of him. Bet you're three fucks from being a virgin."

At that, Orlando laughed.

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Title: Sean Agrees
Author: quentelin
Pairing: SB/VM
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This isn't true.
Summary: Viggo's only been asking since the shoot began...



Elrond's council chamber.

The whole entire fellowship was looking at him now. Sean Bean felt his face grow hot, knew that his blush was probably redder than a New Zealand dawn.

Viggo was still kneeling in front of him.

"So will you?" Viggo asked again, eyes intent and earnest.

"Get up, Viggo. Of course I'll go camping with you," muttered Sean, embarrassed.

The fellowship erupted into cheers. Orlando clapped Sean on the back.

"It'll do you a world of good, mate," said Orlando. "I know you've been afraid of ... camping for quite some time now."

But all that Sean saw were Viggo's eyes, and they were glowing.

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Title: Rising in the Morning
Author: quentelin
Pairing: DM/EW
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: This isn't true.
Summary: Drabble.


Morning at the Wood-Monaghan household.

Elijah was at the computer checking email, and Dominic was still asleep.

"Morning, sunshine." A noise like a stumble came from the other room, and a very groggy looking Dom shuffled across the floor toward him.

Elijah giggled.

Dominic's boxers were tented in front of him as though leading the way.


Elijah raised his eyebrows.

"Oh," Dominic said sheepishly. "I had a dream right before waking. You. Me. Billy. And a large pat of butter."

Elijah laughed, stepped close. "Well," he said, running a finger down Dominic's stomach. "Don’t stop there. What else happened?"
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This did not turn out how it was supposed to. Oh well.

Title: Enough
Author: celebros
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them. *cries*
Archived: only here.
Pairing: Eowyn/Legolas

Legolas had never thought he would truly fall in love. He had lived for a very long time and had never met a woman he was drawn to or a princess he thought could love him.
This was because he had not visited Rohan recently. When the Hunters and Gandalf rode in slowly, he felt a strange tug in his soul, as if something was wrong. He thought it to be the yearning for life, for trees. The capital was dead. The longing was for more than that.
She was standing proud when he saw her in the light, with an air of knowledge and sadness that he related to. He saw her eyes slide over him to Aragorn, and the Man looked at her.
She saw him afterwards as an Elf of the living things, and as a friend of Aragorn, and after the War as her own friend, for he lived at times in Ithilien, great friends with Faramir the Steward.
But he very carefully hide his gazes, and his longings, to save for another life. She could never be his, no matter how much he wished for it. But she could love him as a brother, as a friend, and that was enough to stay. It had to be enough.
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