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A Drabble From A Newbie!!

[Title] Trust Your Sam
[Rating] PG
[Word Count] 431
[Summary] Sam helps Frodo deal with Bilbo's disappearance. Not really slash... so pooh again.

It was late when Frodo was finally allowed to retire to the comfort of his
smial. Bilbo's party and disappearance had left him with a lot to look after.
When Frodo entered the hole he was not surprised to find Gandalf waiting there
for him.
'He gone for good then?' Frodo asked, not exactly sure of what to say.
'Yes, and he's left you everything... even the ring.'
'He left it to me? But why?'
'I don't know. But put it away now. And keep it secret, keep it safe. I'm going
to bed. Good night.' Gandalf said as he walked away to his room. Frodo too,
tired, went to his room. But not to sleep. Hesat down on his window seat, and
began to cry.

The sun was barely up by the time Samwise Gamgee was making his way to Bag End.
After making sure that everyone was doing his or her job in the party fields
cleaning up, Sam decided it was high time to wake Mr. Frodo to distribute presents. There were already a few eager hobbits there when he arrived.
'Come back later,' he told them. 'We're not quite ready yet.
Sam walked in and headed for Frodo's bedroom, knocking gently on the door before he entered. Frodo sat curled up on the window seat, still sleeping. As Sam approached to wake him, he saw that there were tear stains on his rosy cheeks.
'Mr. Frodo, it's time to get up.' he said, kneeling by the window. Frodo awoke at the first mention of his name.
'Hullo Sam.' he replied, a slow smile spreading across his face.
'You've been crying.' Sam said, a look of worry on his face. Frodo nodded and made room for Sam on the seat. Sam rose from his position on the floor and sat down.
'Did you ever get the feeling that you couldn't trust anyone in the world?' Frodo asked.
Sam shook his head *I'll always have someone to trust while you're around Mr. Frodo.* he thought to himself. He couldn't bring himself to say it aloud.
'I did. Last night,' Frodo paused. He looked at Sam, forehead wrinkled with worry. Reassured, he continued.
'When I was orphaned, and Bilbo took me in... it felt like... he was the one person I could trust... But now he's... gone... and I haven't got anyone left.' Sam looked into Frodo's startling blue eyes and gave a small 'oh' at the beauty and sadness they held. He drew Frodo in for a close embrace, saying, 'Don't you worry. You can trust your Sam now.'
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