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Well.. I don't generally think that I'm any good at writing fanfiction of any sort, but I did join this community for the purpose of practicing any fanfiction skills I may possess... So here's a short piece. 141 words, implied Aragorn/Legolas, because I am such a fangirl.

It was very dark on the walls of Helm's deep.

The moon was covered by sinister, foreboding clouds, and the only light came from the torches of Sauron's advancing army. It was not a comforting light by any means.

"Aragorn," Legolas stood beside his friend, staring out at the legions ahead of them. "Do you ever get scared?" The question took the ranger by surprise. It had been a while since he had actually considered being afraid. Fear was not an emotion he was generally prone to, nor was one he liked. He would like tell the elf that he wasn't, for they would need all the strength possible in the upcoming battle, but he wasn't fully sure of anything at that moment.

Aragorn slipped his hand into his friends and squeezed it very lightly.

"We'll see my friend, we'll see."

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